Creating value to society and owners

Engaged and responsible owner with long-term industrial perspective

An industrial investment company

We mainly invest in Nordic companies within industrials, real estate, seafood, and other development companies where we see synergies across our portfolio. Our three largest investments are the listed companies BEWI ASA, the privately owned seafood producer SinkabergHansen AS and the listed real estate group KMC Properties ASA.

We seek to be long-term owners in small-to-medium sized profitable companies within selected industries and niches. To us, there is a big difference between investing in companies and adding value by developing companies together.

Long-term ownership

We have a long-term perspective in everything we do

A clear ESG agenda focusing on resource efficiency

Through an engaged and resposible ownership, BEWI Invest continously works towards resource efficiency, aiming at using less materials and energy, reduce waste, and reuse and recycle more

Can we develop and create value together?

We believe in creating value together, by combining industrial competence with financial strength and experience from capital transactions