How we create value

Developing sustainable companies through engaging and responsible ownership

BEWI Invest value creation

BEWI Invest creates value by combining industrial knowledge with financial strenght. Throughout the years we have built extensive expertise from carrying out complex transactions and integrating companies. We work with our portfolio companies to develop strategies, growth initiatives, operational improvements, optimize financing and execute transactions.

Our idea is to gather development-oriented companies in a strong community to unleash greater potential. When we become owners, we invite the companies into the BEWI family. By uniting companies and people with unique qualities, we create greater value than they would do individually.

As a part of our family, you get access to community and resources while maintaining the core qualities. We learn from and challenge each other. Creating added value across the entire portofolio is a goal and a tool. It is the BEWI method itself.

Throughout our portfolio companies, great value and thousands of safe, profitable jobs have been created. Everything we create, we create together with others. Our employees are our most valuable asset.

Capital, knowledge and capacity are often critical factors for those who want to build something big. This is what BEWI Invest brings “to the table”.

This is how we build a leading community of companies and people who believe in continuous improvement. We believe in big ambitions and brave goals. We believe in growth, profitability and sustainability as the foundation for successful businesses. We believe that we become bigger and stronger together with others. And we believe in the perspective of eternity.

Core value creation principles

Long-term industrial perspective

Value creation through an entrepreneurial vision and a hands-on active ownership approach

Accelerate growth

Leverage industrial network to execute M&As, improve profitability and optimize financing.

Utilize in-house capabilities

Utilize decades of industrial experience to optimize operations and strategy

Alignment of interest

Align interests within portfolio by offering ownership and long-term incentive programs.